Hell-Lander Screenshots

Here’s two screenshots showing my newest project “Hell Lander”!
These screenshots show the realtime sector culling and lighting system I created for my game, the game is early in development so ignore the empty HUD menus(they will display the players health, armour, and ammo)!
Hell Lander is going to be a FPS in the style of doom, thats all I can say for now…
I will keep putting up more screenshots as development continues.


please explain more about your systems…

lol awesome keep uhh working :wink:
i like your lighting stuff

Sectors are rooms or areas, sectors can be assigned RGB values, objects inside the sector have there RGBA set accordingly. When the player’s camera enters a sector all of the meshes and dynamic objects outside of the sector(including other sectors) are culled.
Different sectors can be grouped so they all can be visible when the player is in any one of them.(as seen in the screenshots)

very nice indeed - brings me back to my level building days of duke nukem 3d :slight_smile: the regular lights can still be used with the sector lighting for added effect?

Yes, regular lights can be used together with this system!

Sounds like some very nice work there! Screenshots do look nice, keep up the good work.

aaahh the good ol’ doom times…but I hope you wont use sprites in your game! :wink:
cool screenshots and the lighting thingy also seems to be very interesting!
Great work Lagan! :slight_smile:

do me a favour and put some atmosphere into this game!

sprites? what’s wrong with sprites? didn’t those nasty Imps or BOH’s scare you enough?

The size of the Cyber dude (de dea whatever mon - poke) made me run… oh. don’t forget the sound of the huge rocket hurtling past your ear and the bloody painful scream you let out as the intense heat melts your face off…

good day!

Thanks for all of the commets!
Instead of wasting time trying to make it realistic I decided to just make it fun to play with a creepy/dark/hellish atmosphere just like doom! I won’t be using sprites though…

Nice screens. Cool you made your own culling and lightning system, very interested, can you tell more about it :smiley: , or is there a way to share it? I’m just a person who’s really interested in new technics in the blender game engine. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope so :o

Very smart integration of that system into Blender, hoping to see in action some day. :smiley:

(It took me a while to understand what you were saying, until I finally remembered those afternoons in which I fought with the level editor I got for Doom, my goodness!)

Looks nice so far Lagan.

How did you do the culling? I’m working on a large model right now and have a lot of round surfaces in it. I’m having a lot of trouble keeping the number of faces down in order to keep up the speed. I’ve had to resort to splitting up detailed rooms into seperate scenes and even that hasn’t given me the speeds I would like to have. A culling solution would be great for me as there are large parts of the building that you don’t see unless you are in that room.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of your game :slight_smile: