Hell rider

He travels through hell riding his horse chasing those who try to scape.
Just a Dyntopo sculpt really. But if I could pose it I’d make the horse too and put him on it:yes:
I tried asymmetrical pose and modeling too but couldn’t make it work:( so here it is, in a boring pose:

This is an awesome sculpt.
I would really love to see him on the horse. :slight_smile:

Indeed, Id also like to see him on a horse. That would be a master piece with some textures. So bad we cant pose the characters yet…
The story scares me out of my skin lol.
Anyway, great sculpt. :slight_smile:

Nice light colourizing!

Thanks, Partin. Has anyone come up with a way of posing characters with half a million triangles?

Maybe a mesh deform?
Build a new low poly mesh that covers the sculpt
add a mesh def mod to the sculpt
rig the low poly mesh
and pose.
I`m not sure how will this work with that big amount of poly, maybe a bit laggy.

It works good. I tested it and is not even laggy at 200k poly.

With that much polygons your best bet is to sculpt him into a pose as you model. My models never go beyond 800 polygons so I can’t relate. :slight_smile:

I almost missed this post.
Very very nice!!!
I don’t think it counts 200k poly though. Much more.

Beautiful shader and lighting set up.
Impressive sculpting on hands!

Hi Michalis, glad to talk to you again!
You’re right it’s 547858 faces.
I’ve decided to make the horse, so stay tuned!:smiley:

You might be able to pose with lattices, I’ve never tried it on that dense of a mesh though. Might just give the same results as other methods you’ve tried.

Sculpt looks fantastic regardless.

in simplest terms… bad ass

Thanks! Now I got two sculpts on the “featured row”!!!:smiley:
I am posing it with the “mesh deform” method, which is ok but not ideal, although enough for what i need, wich is a rider on a horse.

I am confused with an issue: do I post the progress on the “wip” forum, or on this thread.? I guess this was not a finished project after all

Awesome stuff! :yes:
After hearing all this stuff, I’m thinking of trying out this Dyntopo thing.
Anyways, can’t wait to see the Horse! :smiley:

It should be fine to post here.

Nice creepy guy. I like the shader.

maybe you can call thehorseman007 for his horse :D. I am not sure he will gave you his horse or not but I think he will because he is not that bad. :slight_smile: hahahahahaha Joking.

I like the character , and yes I will love to see other pose of him and he will look good and nice on the horse too.:evilgrin:

Superb or Awesome or Amazing, it’s all the same! :smiley:

Thank you! already working on the horse, will post pics soon.

This looks really nice,
it’s cool that you’re mixing Hard surface and organic into one badass creature.

Congratulations on the awesome toprow thumbnail. You have two thumbnails actually. A beautiful toprow.