Hellboy Crown of Destruction

Hi, this is my first post in about a year… Anyways, I re-watched Hellboy after seeing the trailer to the sequel, one of the effects that was most talked about in the commentary was the flaming crown at the end of the movie. The effect was described as “simple” compared to all the other solutions they went through and put together by a lower level SFX person. So how hard could it be?

Actually not hard at all. All I needed to do was render a crown and click “Env” for the material. The crown effect is rendered against an alpha backdrop so it wouldn’t really effect the character it is layered on top of.

Check out my test video on youtube to see it. If you want the full effect it would be best to render the flames and crown separately from the monkey head and layer the result on top of eachother… if you watch the video you will see that the crown shows the environment through the top of the head.

Hope this is useful to someone. It wasn’t as great a discovery as I thought it would be.