Hellfire - WIP

Planning on making realistic fire with the smoke in blender 2.5. Here is the scene I want it to burn in. What should I do to improve it? Before I add fire to it?

The background feels kinda empty. But I don’t know what to fill it with to make it look more like hell? O.o

need depth. Could just duplicated and rotate what you’ve already modeled to make a tunnel

Ok that is much better.

Now what about the lightning. Right now I only got two lights in the scene. One at the end of the tunnel and one right in front of the camera. Any suggestions on where to place the lights?

I could send the blend to you…here is a screen.

I don’t know if it’s intended or not, but the red stuff looks like it’s just a reflection.

Ok removed what was intended to be lava or ash…could this be hell? =/