Allrighty, here’s another personal work from some time ago that I just managed to finish.
This character is loosely based on the Hellgirl, a comic character that is of course some kind of rendition of the Hellboy.

And a few “studio shots”

I like the overall style and details. Good job.

Only issue i have is that i don’t accept this worldwide trend of demonic-horned things. p.s. It’s certainly not about religion. I’m not a believer, in popular understanding of this word.

Again, good job! Especially first image. Keep it up!

Personally, I prefer the clay render. Good work, though!

Well done! Got nothing to say against it. I did not really notice the bat until I saw the clay version though.

very nice.

@blackrainbow the horns, im 99.99% sure are because he made hellGIRL, counterpart to hellBOY (http://images.cinefacts.de/hellboy3-news.jpg) so it is a essential part of it.

I know its part of a franchise, Hellboy. Have seen the movies. Quite good ones, by the way. I was referring to overall trend. Almost everywhere in entertainment area you can find some horned demonic character. Take for example Daniel Radcliffes latest film called (guess what…) horns.

Beautiful model

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts :slight_smile:

As for aspects of personal beliefs/standings, I don’t really want to participate in that kind of conversation. I respect everyones beliefs, but they are your own and doesn’t affect the work I do, nor do I want to force my own beliefs to anyone elses face either. After all it’s just pixels on a computer screen :eyebrowlift2:


Very nice work DeaDEnD.

Good words bro. Peace