Hellicopter 3d animation making

I’m just wondering how developers of Rayman 2(owned by UbiSoft) in circa Anno Domini 1998 made helicopter 3D animations for Rayman,Tails,Conker,Kazooie? Because in case of Jazz Jackrabbbit 3D(still owned by Epic Games and Tencent too?)back then everything had technological hardware limitations nowadays it would be considered as nostalgic aesthetics. Did Unreal Engine 1(nowadays Epic Games besides focusing on Fortnite Battle Royale(nail to coffin for Jazz Jackrabbit series,Unreal Tournament series) finished since 2017 they made Unreal Engine 4 & 5 very popular-perhaps thanks to CCP who according to IGN banned Plague Inc. video game in China. In interview of one of former Naughty Dog old developers of Crash Bandicoot series 3D character low poly animations had that single bones. Did it work the same way on video games powered by Unreal Engine 1(final version prototype was made in 1995)? Or was it more like making 2D animation cartoons from years of 1919-1928,but more like in 3D? You know retro stuff. Or would it be like making fan rotating artificially blowing and for instance pushing character backwards? Did Unreal 1 based characters had any skeletal meshes or just morph targeting? As I remember well Jazz Jackrabbit 3 was never even finished.