Hello again people!

Hello again people. I just tried the Ginger Bread man tutorial 3 times! and when i started the second phase of the tutorial i messed up while placing armitures in him and he vanished from the scene leaving behind only the armitures i had tried to put in him .Now i am pretty confused about what to do now with Blender .If possable can any body tell me where to find more tutorials like the Ginger bread man .So that a users experiance with Blender keeps increasing ?Are there any more tutorials out there like the Ginger Bread man ? Any body?

Not sure what version of blender you are using. I am only quite familiar with the 2.4x versions so if my help doesn’t make sense, please feel free re-post. I find this occurs with me a lot when modelling, texturing etc when I press a key by mistake so my solutions.

  • your mesh could be accidently deleted.
  • Press “Control-z” to undo this and your mesh will reappear.
  • the mesh could be sent to another layer.
  • familiarise yourself with the layers properties and you can find your mesh.
  • the mesh could accidently be moved many many many (you get the idea) units across the z,x or y axis.
  • zoom out to find it.

Regarding the gingerbread tutorial, I’d advise that you do this several times until you find that some of the controls in embedded in your natural muscle memory. There is plenty to learn and as many a master will tell you, you will learn from mistakes also. Recently I went through the tutorial gain for the 50th time in 3 three years, and rediscovered the gem of “mirror” for rigging.

All the best for your journey in blender.

Kbot i take your word for re-doing the tutorial .But is it possible to get any more tutorials like this ? where you can create different kinds of characters and scenes ?Cause my mind is wandering far beyond my abilities to even start something like creating a short film with a story line ,characters ,back ground ,props etc etc.I am very excited and impatient about achieving all this .But i know i cant at this stage .Thats why an ideal situation for me will be to gain access to more tutorials like the Ginger bread man .So are there any more you can get with a ‘Step by Step’ guideline like the Ginger Bread man Tutorial ?By the way i’m using the current version of Blender i.e 2.57B:)… So any body?