Hello again!

Hello again. Been a long time since I was in the blender scene. Stoping by for a while to see how things have improved. I see blender finaly made it open source :slight_smile:
BTW, Did anyone fix the 16 material radiosity limit?

I believe the limit is still there. :-?

and Blender’s AA still sucks as hell grrrrr… :x :x

That is as maybe – But now we render in Yafray - Muhahahaha!!! :<

:frowning: this is bad news. Maybe it is good I left blender when I did. Is there any chance at all someone will fix these blender problems? There was lots of talk of fixing everything before.

Of course, but since it’s a volunteer force, they can only work so fast. I’d suggest going to www.blender.org to follow changes and progress.