Hello all and a Question about armatures.

Ive been getting into Blender recently. Wilst Ive skimmed over many 3d progs Ive found Blender to be my favourite. This is the first time Ive knuckled down learn it properly.

Ive set up a mesh, added the armature to it, all the bones work properly. Key framed it(experimentally). No problems there.

I’m at the point where I want it to walk but I want to keep each foot accuratly positioned as it takes the weight. Obviously I need to be able to pin the foot in position as I pose the rest of the model. In truespace there is a pin for doing just that!

If this is not possible can a mesh have 3 root bones???

Are you using Inverse Kinetics?

When you move a bone, all of its children move as well. So, if you move the thigh, the lower leg, ankle, foot, and toes all move. I reccomend the “First animation in 30 + 30 minutes” tutorial, in the Blender docs.

In truespace there is a pin for doing just that!

In Blender 2.40 there’s a Floor Constraint.