Hello ALL

Hi everyone i didnt see an introduction section so i thought id intorduce myself here in the off-topic.

My names Ezekial, shortened: Eze (EEE Z), and im looking into video game development, 3d modeling, and whatever else i can get into this year with my new laptop :slight_smile:

i had an idea to make an online game, and i was looking into sprite building, and animations and found alot of info on creating animated 2d sprites from 3d models and animations and in looking into this, i found someone on youtube doing so with blender…

Looking into blender i found its exactly what i will need, im still looking thru other 3d modeling programs, but if i can stop and learn blender now ill be happy.

So heres my question…im following tutorials from blendercookie.com, just to try and get a sense of what to do in the program, and im wondering…WTH, mine doesnt look anything like the guys does in the tutorials… i mean hes got things on the sides when most of mine is based top to bottom…and ive found it hard to read/watch the tutorials and do the things thats are being done as i cant find anything…

how can make the interface a little more freindly? just the layout realy.

Thanks in advance

UH i also just downloaded the Noob to Pro pdf book, so ill be going thru that a little to learn more about the interface and whatnot…

Welcome to BA Eze :slight_smile:

The difference you noticed between blendercookies’ and your own interface is because they’re using the 2.5 version of Blender, which is still in beta, and you are using the stable 2.4.

2.5 is the future, so I recommend you start with that and don’t look back :slight_smile:

Weclome to the forum

Hello and welcome.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Blender 2.5x is definately the future. You can get the official beta here or you can go to www.graphicall.org and grab a community build if you want to get an up to date version or even a bleeding edge experimental build.

Although still officially a beta (2.56a), the official release of Blender 2.57 is very close. This means most of the bugs are fixed and many of the todos have been done.