Hello, all

Just joined up, and just downloaded Version 2.63. I’ve had v2.49 for a long while as well as the pdf manual for it.

But I’m looking for a pdf manual for 2.63 which addresses the new controls and layout.

Wondering where I might find one. I’ve searched and googled and so on, but no luck. Can anyone help?


You’ll have to convert the wiki to a pdf if you want an online copy.

Thanks, Richard, but I want a pdf of the Manual that I can access offline, because I have Blender installed on another computer that is not connected to the Net.

Here you go:http://pdf.letworyinteractive.com/component/content/article/2-about-the-blender-wiki-pdf

let me know if it is the right one. it has alternative pages at the bottom.

I’ve already downloaded that one, Un, but it’s almost worse than none at all. Too many of the links don’t work. If I click on an underlined word, it looks for a file in my C:/ drive, and of course it’s never there.

I might try to convert the wiki myself. Shouldn’t take more than a year… It’s a pity Blender doesn’t make the Manual available as a regular pdf.

Thanks, anyway.

'Sokay, I found some 2.49 tutes that will get me started. Thanks, all.

Yes, unfortunately the 2.6x manual is not really complete, has many missing and “todo” pages , and some illustrations continue to use 2.49b screenshots that are a sure way to confuse the reader regarding the interface that is completely different visually in 2.6.

That’s probably why they didn’t made a downloadable pdf of it like they did for 2.49 (that manual was complete).

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