Hello and questions

Hi. I have interest in game design and have therefor played a little with the BGE. I am at level “beginner” in game creation, but with interest, fun, and dedication I might advance. I have made a simple snake game, with teachers help, in c++/opengl. I can do simple modelling, simple sound editing, texturing is allways difficult for me. I am no artist really. I have some knowledge in game design.

So far I like Blender. But have a lot of questions/problems:

  1. First I would want some pointers to documentation and tutorials for BGE/python. I have some great sources, but looking for more. Please mention a few of the best.

  2. How is the performance of BGE these days? As I have read about a bit problems in that regard in the past.

  3. I know there is possible to use Blender as interface for the Crystal Space engine. How would you compare that to the native BGE. Performance? flexibility? dificult to use?

  4. Python scripting looks neat, and not so difficult to get into. But will it hinder performance comparing to compiled code, like c++? Is it possible to use c++ with BGE? If so, pointers?

  5. A practical problem: Putting following python script to a cubes allways sensor gives not a smooth result:

import Blender as B
ob = B.Object.Get(‘Cube’)
ob.LocX += 0.005

why not?
(know I could move the cube with a brick, but for now I feel like understanding the python way of doing things)

Think this is enough questions for now. Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for any replies.

Happy 2009 all


  1. What have you seen?

  2. Performance has gone up a lot, memory optimization, logic optimization(with the state system) and general improvements.

  3. Don’ know

  4. Using python does not hinder performance, some people claim it is slower than logic bricks but it’s not that much, and compared how many bricks you sometimes need to make the same thing as a short script I say scripting is the way to go. C++ is not supported as a scripting language but you can add logic bricks in the source code (or other things). The greatness of open source.

  5. Blender module should not be used in BGE, it is apparently hardcoded into blender and does not work the same way as regular python modules. You should connect an actuator brick and modify it with python.
    Check this out:
    for other sensors/actuators check:

Thank you very much. Looks like very helpful sources. I have seen tutorialsforblender3d.com, which looks very good.
Allso I have a pdf “gameBlender Documentation”. Looks good but hope it is not outdated. From 2004 I think.
As for some of my other sources, I now think they was not dedicated to Blenders game engine, but more general Blender scripting. It might explain why I came to try the code over in my first post.

Thanks again Sim88