Hello artists! Looking for some simple help.

New to Blender and to modeling. Started using Blender a month ago. Loving every minute of it. Been learning a lot (especially from here). I’m looking for some simple help. Google hasn’t helped me with this: I want to create a dynamite array that lays in a pyramid formation. So that as the pile of dynamite gets taller there are fewer sticks laid out. Looking like a pyramid from a profile view. I’d prefer to use modifiers to create the effect. Such as with Array. Sadly, I’m not clever enough yet to figure it out. if anyone has some tips I’d appreciate it. Thank you!

Maybe using an array and hiding some of it.

dynamite_ja12.blend (541 KB)

That looks great. Thank you I will study this and learn from it. I need far fewer sticks. I will discover what you did and then repeat it myself.

You could do a couple of arrays and then use a rigid body sim on them. Then make an upside down pyramid shape and apply a passive rigid body sim to it. Run the sim and drop the dynamite into the pyramid. Once the sim has settled everything apply the transformation and flip the stack up right.

The amount can be adjusted by scaling the empty object (and with that the triangle). It’s almost all about the modifiers: two arrays to cover two directions, vertex weight modifier to get only part of those arrays in a vertex group, and the rest is hidden with mask modifier. Can toggle modifier visibility off to see what they do.

Procedural duplication (duplifaces) puts a dynamite stick on each face in the array.

Thanks guys. I’m working on it today. When I get it right I will post it here.

I’ve never tried to do this myself, but I do know that Blender will accept expressions. Perhaps there is a way to do it with one.

Well… To me it seems that Vertex duplication is fast and simple enough. YMMV.
Mesh Grid, subdivided and Faces - Poke. Or any other way you find to subdivide mesh.

You guys are really good. I’ve spent half a day on this and it still doesn’t look nearly as cool as anything posted here. Granted, I’m aiming for low-poly since we have no way of gauging how intense our assets will be on the game we’re making.

EDIT: http://i.imgur.com/Z5fl1Gi.gif

The dynamite is on the barrel in the test scene linked above. I ended up using an array that I duplicated and reduced/positioned. I’d much rather master the techniques displayed in this thread, however. Everything new I learn is gold to me.