Hello Blender, My First Render

Well to start, I really admire you guys. I’ve been looking around this site for a couple of months and just got started blending about a month ago. I got the blender 2.3 guide and have been just slowly learning as I go. This is really the first thing I’ve done and it’s taken some time. I enjoy playing with this program.


I’ve started to rig it for animation but have run into a problem i can’t seem to figure out.

when i take a mesh and “ctrl + J” it with another and then set a new center with the cursor. I get a really strange rotation which i can’t seem to undo or keep it from happening.

Can’t seem to get a sky to stick on the skydome either but I’m sure I’m just missing something.

I still need to learn how to make it look more real and all that so any C&C is most welcome.

Thanks for all the inspiration guys

Thats really good for your firsts real blend.
The colors on him look a lil bland though. And that thing where his head should be. What is that?
Oh and heres a a pic so you dont have to click the link everyone.

Looks nice for a first render, ground texture needs some work.

[og]GrYpHoN thanks for the coments. This is a model of a mechwarrior from a game i have at home. made by wizkids.com. the head is actually a semi-clear canopy of sorts, yet I haven’t put anything in it yet to make it look like that.

Kansas_15 thanks for the coments, I have lots to learn in the texture department.

I also thought a little more about my problem I was having. I join two meshes and then when i Parent something to the newly joined mesh and then try to change the object center, it shifts its rotation and gets all funky.

Try doing Ctrl-A on both objects to Apply Size and Rotation before parenting or joining or whatever. This will change the objects’ local axes so they match the global axes. This should solve your problem.

Looks good so far for a first render. Maybe the minigun should have 6 barrels. I think that would look better and more “conventional.” You have some JPEG compression artifacts that are especially noticeable around the minigun. Try saving as a lossless image format like PNG.

Model looks good. Nice and detailed. I would probably have shadows and work a bit more on the terrain, perhaps by adding some rocks or a building and stuff to get a good scale. I’m also interested in a wireframe. (Take a screenshot of the 3D View or see the Zoffs technique here; whichever you prefer.)

Good luck with it!