Hello Blender ppl plz help

Im a newbie i just logged in for my first time, want to say hi to u all and im looking forwad to learn some stuff with u guys. Im realy not sure how long ive been using blender i hate to lie but i doubt i finished a year yet but i been doing lots of unfindished projects and learning very slow one thing at a time. My main goal for using blender was for cartoon animation but somhow i ended falling inlove with 3d as well.I was wondering abt which thread should i use to share my unfinished game coz my video is on youtube and it seems urls are not allowed so what code must i use to make my video appear here? im not good with html staff.My video game is still very at the beginning and the video is very short since my first attemp failed i had to restart the whole project with my new experience and i can say for now im satisfied. :slight_smile:

Hey welcome to the blender artist community !
you could try posting it in works in progress thread. hope to see it soon
And about the urls it could very well that your not aloud to post urls when your brand new.
but im not shure about that just some thing to keep in mind!

Hey welcome from me too! You will find blender quite exciting and it all depends on how much put into it! All the best!


Thank u very much to both of u, i wil be posting soon im still getting my uploads together and also studying the site so i post on the right areas :slight_smile: Thanks again :slight_smile: