Hello & Cycles Rendering Issue

Hey guys. It’s awesome to be among fellow CG artists. I look forward to learning a lot form you all. It’s my first post here. I’m having an issue with Rendering a character. I’ve applied the textures in Cycles and everything displays properly, except for the eyes. For some reason, they remain super grainy and become black when I put the reflective material (outer eye). I’m completely stuck here. Advice will be most appreciated.

Please post a blend file or an image of the problem. It can be just noise, caustic fireflies or something completely different.

Seems like you need more rays for calculating Light Paths…

… or normals are reversed, or…

Tho, do share file next time :wink:

Thanks guys. You’re right. It was the light. The glass material was messing with the eyes. Thanks so much. Next time, I’ll definitely post the file and images. Thanks again.