Hello elY!!! :o)

Hello SuperBlenderFriends!!! :wink:

It’s been ages and ages since iv been around elY, blender, or the computer for that matter, i’ve been working delivering furniture and appliances full time (real heavy $hit!!!)!!! :wink:

Anywayz, BgDM sent me an email and it reminded me that i’ve not been around for a while, so i wanted to write and say hello to you all, and hope that you all are taking good advantage of Blender and working some wicked projects like the 3D pimps you know you are!!! :wink:

Anywayz, i really should get back into working on my 3D work, i really miss it!!! I’m sure there’s heaps who will read this and not know me, for those people you can see a small percentage of my stuff at http://www.stormpages.com/bapsis/gallery.html .

Anwayz, Bapsis is thinking about you all!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

well welcome back!

I was wondering who powered my “avatar stealing” topic :smiley:
and cool gallery too! I really like your enterprise!

good to have you back, my main man.

take it easy


Hey man! Glad to see your still alive! :stuck_out_tongue:


hey, nice of you to come in.

I was really starting to miss your motivating ‘Blend on, and blend well!!!’. :slight_smile:

good luck delivering furniture! :stuck_out_tongue:



i’ve been working delivering furniture and appliances full time (real heavy $hit!!!)!!! :wink:

I’ve heard of people being ‘on the run’, but never with all their furniture. 8) If you’re headed my way I could probably stash some of it for you.


Welcome Back :smiley:


Heeeeeeey, Bapsis! Welcome back!

Argh, Helloween is near, the Zombies creep out of their grave :<

j/k! Nice to see you again :smiley:

Wow! Bapsis AND Schlops are back!

Great to see you both


Very good to see you around here again Matt. You’ll be picking up your Blender again in no time.

Welcome back,


finally you return :smiley:

get some free time and start modelling like crazy!!! :smiley:

bapsis, on your gallery page… how did you get the bullet ripple?

Hey DMB,

I acctually used M@dcow’s tutorial on the warp plugin, im not sure the address but im sure someone will know it!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!