Hello everyone, I had a question(bug) about creating a rig

I recently ran into this bug

when I put (constrain) (Copy —)
1 from bone A to bone B completely disconnect it (without removing it)
after which I put (constrain) (Copy —)
2 from bone B to bone A
I go to edit mod and back to pose
then there is such a bug

even if I delete everything (constrain) and put it again (only the first part), then the bug remains
and I have to completely redo the bone

if anyone knows the cause of the bug and its solution please tell me

I make my own rig
I need this to switch between different types of bones
And yes I know where is the blender wiki
And yes, I already asked everywhere

file to check

How to create a generate rig For your own rig, or how to avoid this problem, tell me please?

Hello! To be honest, I really did not understand your problem. I downloaded the file, there are 2 bones. Both have CopyTransforme. What do you want to do? Do you want to be able to switch dependencies?
like FK-IK?

cyclic dependency. A copies the transforms of B which copies the Transforms of A which copies the Transforms of B which copies the Transforms of A … and to infinity we go…That’s what’s wrong with the blend you provided

Here’s what I want to do
I removed all unnecessary. that would be better understanding where the problem is.

I still do not understand what you want to do?
Do you need to make rig legs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U3NjTvwdWI here is a lesson on how the simplest leg rigging is done. Very not a bad option!