Hello Everyone

Hello All

I myself and new to blender, but not new to computers, graphics, webdesign etc. This Blender program looks pretty interesting. I like helping new people out of computer or technology issues and visit alot of forums.

I currently am self-employeed as a Comupter Consultant in Network Security. Attain this by accident from being an ex-hacker/cracker so to speak. But anyway, back to the subject.

I am not totally sure yet about the modeling,rendering,animation and such but really love the GUI features. Even though it is a little hard for the newbie to grasp for the first time. I am hoping to add some usefull tutorials for version 2.33a to my site. Don’t see alot of tutorials on that particualar version. But anyway, this is just my intro to the board here. I signed up at DeviantArt to display all the art work I will be doing with Blender and Photoshop another love of mine. My usuall nickname of the internet is CyberSorcerer, but it all wouldn’t fit here so I have the cutdown version. On DeviantArt I am VirtualSith because CyberSorcerer was already taken.

So, let me get to playing with Blender a little here and see what I can come up with. My normal 3D program is 3D Studio MAX. But I will be spending time with Blender something new to learn.


Hey and welcome to Elysiun. Good luck with blender, and hope you stay with it. Can’t wait to see what you come up with :slight_smile:

Well already I have done what I usually do. fucked up default settings… LMAO :<

I tried adding a 4 window view like what is in 3DS which I figured out with no problem. I found the spit window and made the view. BUT I went to the top to name this view in the SCR combo box which at the time it had Model in their. I put in 4 Window View. Which unto my knowledge erased the Model view and named this new view in its place. Couldn’t figure out how to get back to the default windows that came with Blender. I clicked on Ctrl+U and click on the default which saved what I already had as default settings

Well after about an hour of playing around I found out you have to Join views to erase them. So I went to the Material view and first thing I did was ADD VIEW which added another view named Material 001. I then made this view into the Material view that was part of the 4 default views. After getting ride of the bottom view and switching to the Buttons window I found I only had the Animation buttons because the others were vertically aligned. After I figured that out I then click on the horizontal and got all the buttons correct then Zoomed then out a little to fit them all in the window. THEN now I saved these 4 SCR as default, got the Material window back and have my 4 window view AND added the Model view that was also part of the default. So now I have 5 views and I am happy.

I hope some newbies come by and read this it might help someone out sometime, and the experienced users will probably get a laught out of it. Well I hope to add some more of my adventures in learning this program. It should be good reading…

Yes mr_bomb I can’t wait to show some of my work either. I am going to work first on some Rocky Horror Picture models. I love that show and wanted to get to that in 3DS but never got around to it. I think it will be a good first project for Blender.

Until next time, sorry if my post are too long.


Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the Blender Community.

What are you planning to do most?