Hello everyone

i am the brainchild, and i registered to the forums recently, so wanna say hi to everyone :smiley:

Hi i am Fly i am sly Hear me Lie :<


haai brainchild.


Have fun with Blender

hi brainchild. i used to have a cartoon character named brainchild, but i found out later that someone else had used in in the cartoon show ‘the tick’ so i had to rename him to ‘stuart’.

Welcome to the forums!

you guys are so nice i think i’ll like this community

It’s a great one :smiley: Welcome to Elysiun.

Hallo hersenkind, hoe gaat het ermee ? Welkom op deze website … Hopelijk ga je het hier naar je zin hebben … Als je vragen hebt roep je maar…



hello brainchild and welcome :slight_smile:

Why Stuart?

Oh, and, um… hi.

Hello, brainchild. Welcome. Are you new to Blender? And if so, how do you like it so far?