Hello everyone :)

just wished to say hi everyone, Im new here and gonna rock n roll on blender 3d :slight_smile:

I just began but I can improve quickly, had done some tutos and everything looks allright :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope you’ll accept me, the monster :slight_smile:

kisses guys !

Welcome to Blenderartists!:slight_smile:

the name is super wu-man

the greatest blender user ever!! i know i know you cant believe i would take the time to post in your thread, but hey dreams come true.

i pretty much own everyone here so if you need anything you know who to ask. good luck with blender even though you will never be as great as i, it is nice for you to have dreams, but lets dont be unrealistic shall we.

so yeah, enjoy your stay, and oh yeah it is pretty much manditory that you buy from the super wu-man shop if you want to be cool on these forums. click here to be cool

Ignore super woman over there- he has no idea what he’s talking about :smiley: But please, buy something from his shop. It’ll help Blender grow.

Nice to see that the community is still expanding. Welcome!

i must also say, everyone here really likes it when girls post and then put “kisses guys” at the end.

becuase most of the guys here have never had a girlfriend, and your pretend “kisses” is about as close as they will ever get to a real kiss from a female.

welcome to :eek: nerd heaven:eek:

Hey, Wu, while it indeed appears that EYR is a girl, it was never stated. :eek: nerd heaven:eek: is right! Look at you man!
EYR: Hope you enjoy Blender, and that we are as helpful as we are strange.

P.S.: France Rocks! I was born there! Though I am now a shriek American!

Amen brother!

http://forum.rscnet.org/images/smilies/bananallama.gifWeeeee! It’s a banana riding a llama!

omgwtfbbq will u marry me plz?

lol I hope we haven’t scared her away already.

Hi Emilie (I like your site, looks cool (your gallery links are having some kind of internal server error, just letting you know)), Welcome to the Blenderartist.org community :slight_smile:

Don’t be frightened by these guy above. One tends to play in character a lot, one tends to be sarcastic/witty (though lately some of his comments seems strange/dumb), and one of them are obsessed about some book and movie (I bet you can figure out which are which, lol). We do have a bunch of weirdo and smart-mouth around here but this community still has the highest number of helpful members and advices of many of the forums I’ve seen anywhere so far (and the fewest flames (insulting responses and stuffs) too).

P.S. One thing Wu does right is using his image to create materials to sell with which the profits goes to the blender3d foundation. I bought the Black Manga T-Shirt and likes it.

(See me on the left side?)

Never mind the nerds. They’re weird, but fun and helpful. :smiley:
Never seen such a great forum, really.
Welcome to Blender! There’s much to discover, like Elephants Dream (a short movie created with Blender; it’s free to download and you may even download the production files!), you can read the BlenderArt magazine, which is a bi-monthal Blender magazine freely downloadable. We have the Noob to Pro wikibook to help new Blender users and let’s not forget about Blender Nation and the countless other sites which can learn you more than a thing or two about everyone’s favorite program! :wink:
In short: you’ve joined a terrific community. :smiley:
You’ll find a gallery, a forum with works in progress (WIP in short), several help forums, a forum for contests and more here on http://www.blenderartists.org/forum. Bookmark today :cool:

So, have a hug and a nice day!

Hi, I am Sago. I like to put crayons up my nose and drink milk fresh from the tit. Enjoy your stay here.

you mean Youve never had one, anyway, Welcome to blender artists and enjoy your stay. ignore Super wu man,
btw Sago, your post almos made laugh out loud in the middle of my class.:smiley:

Hi, I’m orion119net. I make short, pointless posts, fight with a guy known as tracer over who’s better at blender(but not on the forums, and I’m better, BTW), and sometimes even post a WIP!


Hello and welcome to the forum. I’m the bystander of all of this. I especially like to watch Sago do his thing :rolleyes:

Hi (EYR), hope you enjoy your stay at Blenderartists.

Just ignore Wu-man, he’s mentally disturbed.

Wu man is just fine. He is the one of the few who isn’t mentally disturbed. Is that right Wu?

nice to meet you.
ignore all these pointless ignore statements

You suck up Blenderist. Brown-nosing is my job!

Hey there! I’m Jack Black (aka Jimmy) welcome to the friendliest 3d graphics forum on the net. Looking forward to seeing your art, I hope we can help you if you need any :slight_smile: .

Hey, for some reason the link to your gallery does’nt work (I’m in the US) :frowning: .