Hello everyone :)

oh my gosh, i think i know who you are EYR! arent you really good friends with Dee?

for those of you who cant find her gallery here is one of my favorite images of her’s, another one while funny included a thick naked woman, just the way i like them, but i understand most of you cant handle the thickness so i dont post it, but heres a good one.

Warning: see http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=79837&page=3&highlight=dee to learn of Wu-Man’s “Attack” :rolleyes:

Scroll down to around Letterip’s post to understand what I am talking about.

Wu: Leave the poor girl alone shes new. No attacking for at least a week.
PS Whos Dee?:smiley:

If you dare to come to #blenderchat it’s your own choice… Even the superheroes don’t dare to. At least the less manly named.

Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself, I’m Replicant. I’ve come here by way of 3D Buzz and I’m a noob to Blender. I’m interested in 3d modeling using Blender so I’m guessing this is the place to be if I want to learn.

I’ll be working my way through some of the tutorials and cruising through the forums to see what help I can get. Blender looks fantastic. Hope to chat in the future, cheers.:smiley:

Yeah, that happened to me once before :rolleyes: .