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Hello i’m new user of this forum. Forgive me my english it’s not my native language. Forgive me also that i will ask this question under this topic but wouldn’t be possible for users to update their galleries by themselfs? The updates would became more frequent and propobly it would generate more traffic at site and forum. ( i’m not writting this because of that i posted some artwork to Timothy some time ago :slight_smile: but because i think that it will evrythink make easier for us and especialy for Timothy ) What do you think?

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Hey kibbles - how 'bout it… You’re the coding genius - can you write some of your famous code to allow users to update their own galleries?

If not - oh, well, you got enough work to do… Love ya - and the site.

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The thing is that an site already exists which offers users to add their own content http://www.blendermania.com.
The whole aspect behind elYsiun.com is that the amount of galleries and artwork are ‘limited’ to just the very best that Blender has to offer. I think sofar elYsiun.com has achieved this goal.
If I where to add the ability for people to upload their own artwork I fear that the same level of quality can’t be guaranteed.
I am thinking of adding some code in the future to allow people to upload images to a ‘voters section’ where only assigned voters can submit a vote on wether or not the piece of art should be allowed on elYsiun.com.
However this will take some time for me to implement since it requires quite an overhall of the elYsiun.com code.

Hope this answers your question,

Timothy Kanters (Kib_Tph)

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OK Kib i understand. of’course on my mind ware only people who already has own galleries on elysiun not evrybody. but i agree with your intensions.