Hello Fellow Blenderheads!

hi guys,
i have been a traditional artist all my life. 5 years ago, i traded my pencil in for a wacom pad. i work as a freelance artist doing sports illustrations and doing ads for the local pubs around the dallas/fort worth area. one of my clients introduced me to blender a few months ago. and i must say, blender is the coolest!

anywho, i want to show you guys some of my work. go to www.southpaw.150m.com to check it out. the very first link the “animation and character design” link is not ready just yet. it is intended for my future works with blender. all of the other links work just fine.

i am still fine tuning it so if you see anything that is uncoof, please let me know.

once again, my website www.southpaw.150m.com

Welcome to the Blender community.

I like the transition from finished work to pencil sketch in the Flash intro.
The “clear” button doesn’t work, and I’m not sure how it’s different from “return to main”.

The clear button i think just closes the image that pops up and the ‘return to main’ link will close the section and bring the main menu back up. Nice design, tho I think it could stand to be bigger. A lot of the images are the size of a post-it note on my 1600x1200 display. The cursive font for the main menu is also sort of hard to read. I like the transition from finished piece to sketch as well when you start the site.

when i created the site, i took in consideration that not everyone will have 1600x1200. That is why i went with 1024x768.

also, you are correct the clear button clears the current image on stage and return to main will send you back to the main menu

From the sketches looks that you use the “Ball and plane method” specific to one Ilustrator :smiley:

So judging from that it is naturally to see Blender3d like another extension to your pecil like the Wacom pad whas replacing it.

What Wacom do you recommend ?

Besides Intuos line that it is EXPENSIVE :frowning:

About the site , 1024x768 it is ok considering that some peoples have LAPTOP or TABLET PC and i thing in near future the Tablet ones will suppress the laptops.

It is more important that the site to be more accessible.

the inuos is expensive, i agree with you on that. I currently use Graphire. Graphire will probably suit you better. Because all you want to do is draw and paint digitally, graphire will do just exactly that.

also, if you are really strapped for cash, Hanvon will do you right. Because bottom line, all you want to do is draw digitally.

I just got an older Intuos on E-bay about a month ago for $120 used. it’s an older model, but it works and since I’ve never used a Wacom before, it’s still pretty much the most awesome thing on the planet. It blows every other tablet I’ve tried out of the water, and it’s got to be like 5-7 years old. i think it’s the first intuos model. Go for a used one, bro. Even a used wacom will kick the crap out of a new Aiptek.

Numarul7: the least expensive Wacom tablet that you can find in Romania is Volito 2. I’ve got one and I’m pleased with it. It’s good as a start tablet and is not expensive at all.