Hello, Fishing Boat WIP (Update 7/26)

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to posting, but have been visiting elysiun for about a year, and using Blender for 3 years. I wanted to start off by posting a pic of one of my current projects.

The boat is 50’s fishing boat, I got the plans from the internet. It’s modeled using subsufacing, some foreground and background objects are not finished yet. So far 2 weeks work in spare time.

I used Photoshop b/w conversion and some blur effects.


Very nice piece, thanks for sharing! I like how it’s moody and realistic, and stylistic at the same time. I really like the water, and the lighting (quick question: lotsa spots, or radiosity for the GI? I’m guessing the first…). Also the postprocessing is done very well, the contrast is spot-on to my eyes. And I like the foreground blur.

Great start! Those two weeks were well spent.

Great Job! I really like the pp you made. The modelling is great.

I do not know if it was intented but it kinda give me a small cartoonish feel. Maybe it’s the lighting that make it look like small toy, I don’t know. Anyway I love the pic! Great job!

I only used one Hemi and two shadow only spots. I’ve tried radiosity, but does not seem to work on subsurfacing.

I noticed this during rendering, I think it’s because of the foreground focal blur. But I will work it out hopefully.


ooh also, try to add some bump on those tire, they look a bit too flat :wink:

ooh and try reducing the blur on the background and foreground maybe it will help…don’t know

Keep it up! :smiley:

the boat is very cool! plastic though… make it sharper

I like it, but trust me., this scene will always look cartoony. Clean lines, no dirt, no rust, thick models… looks like a bathtub toy, but I love it… say it was intentional!

Very nice! everything else has been said…but I think it would look more real if it didn’t look so “smooth”, maybe adding noise in GIMP or photoshop?

Very cool, the toy look is nice, and it is also due, IMHO, to the absence of dirt amd the lack of details on tires…

Keep it up


I will try to make some of these changes, and try to have an update soon.

everything is too smooth, ruff it up a bit

excellent pic

This view seems rather orthagonal. Sometimes you can adjust the apparent scale of a scene by moving the camera closer to or further from your subject while adjusting the FOV so as to keep the same general composition.

Other than that suggestion, I really like work here. Nice job.

Very nice work. Nothing to add to what has already been said.

For the radiosity to work, you need to convert the sub-surf to standard mesh. Do this by pressing CTRL+C. then press the Set Smooth button to smooth it back out.

Radiosity only works on standard mesh right now.


I like this image alot as well! It has a very pleasant feeling.

My suggestions are to vary the wood textures for the dock planking more. Right now, you can see the repeating textures.

Much harder is to get the water where it meets the tires and piers to have ripples or rings.

Great job and please post your updates.

all of the wood looks good, but it is just TOO brandy new! you need to beat it up, something like random vertices, or just SOMETHING! ACK! has a spasm attack EEAAAAVKCKKKK

This is a very impressive scene. Nice work!

I agree with some other comments that it looks like it’s on a small scale though, like a toy. It’s the lack of small details that makes it look like this. Everything is too clean and smooth, add small scratches and dents and it will look life-size.

Apart from this I’ve nothing to crit about the model. It’s very well done :slight_smile:

Really nice work. Can we see non-pst processed renders?

For some reason this reminds me of an illustration for a children’s book…

yes it does look too “clean” and all, but the modelling is still good and so is the atmosphere.
Just out of curiosity, did you have to do a b/w conversion in photoshop, or could you have set up all of the materials to be grayscales and renederd it like that? would it have looked better or worse? has anyone ever tried this?

y’know they have a “bw” option, next to rgb, in the render window, that kinda helps :þ

Thanks for the radiosity info :smiley: that will help me alot in the future.

Yes I will post a non processed render on update.

I use photoshop color conversion during post work, but will use blenders b/w for the final image.

I fixed the toy look, as well as moved the camera.
I also fixed some of the textures (not as clean).

I plan to have an update in the next day or so because I am adding new object and a few more textures when I have time.

Thanks Again.