Hello, Fishing Boat WIP (Update 7/26)


Changing camera postion fixed the toy look a bit, though there is small mood change from the first render. However this is what I visualized from the beginning so I’ll stay with this setup. More texture work will be done, Maybe I’ll lighten the deck boards abit.

Below is a raw render:

I like your updated picture a lot better than the first one. It looks great in my opinion. :smiley:

Nice work.

Nick V

it was a good idea to make this scene in black and white

hmm… your boxes need texture! texture, texture, texture!
and the wood planking on deck… too much of a stucco “hey look, I’m plastic!” kinda feel…

This is coming along very nicely.

The planks need a bump map. All you seem to have now is the bumps for the nail/screw holes. The boxes could use a nice bump map as well, so the boards on them look like they are real instead of painted on.

Keep up the good work. Just some texture tweaks and this will be great.


I plan to slightly change the texture on the boxes (and bump) as well as the cans on the other side. The only problem I am having is bump maps on the planks I added the stucco effect to kind of add some moisture to the deck. The bump size on the deck is set at max (5.0) any less and it does not want to show and the planks look like a flat pic. So any cuts or marks (randomly placed) will turn it in to a mess.

But yes a few more texture tweaks and, I think it wiil Great too.

Thanks alot.


getting better & better