Hello from a relative beginner

Hello, i’ve been using Blender for about 6 months & i’m keen to learn more and get better. Look forward to getting to know you folks. I’m 38 & have Parkinsons disease but I still enjoy creating things.


Hello Keith, and welcome along mate :sunglasses:

Like you I’m relatively new to Blender, I’m sure you’ll have great fun creating stuff.
One thing you’ll notice about this forum is how friendly the members are, if you get stuck there’s always somebody ready to help out. Helped me out on many occasions when I didn’t know how to accomplish a certain task.


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Keith & Turk, Im in with the beginners crowd welcome. Ive been learning Blender for about a week now, but Ive been spending overkill time on it. Hopefully Ill get good at like Im hoping for. I hope you all make some crazy jaw droppers!!! keep it crazy!!!:crazy_face: