Hello from my new job!

Well gang, I am now at my new job for 1 week and things are great so far!

The only thing that really sucks, I have no time to blend, (but hey, I’m at work right? :stuck_out_tongue: ). I went from a top notch, 1.6 GHz machine running Win XP to a crappy P300 running Win 95!! :<

On a good note though, I am getting a laptop for work that will be top notch and full of lots of goodies for me to play with. So the P300 and Win 95 machine will be gone shortly, (thank god!!)

So, as I said in my previous thread here, I will still be a round, just with a lot less frequency.

See ya’s later.


hey derek!

Nice to hear, that things are well for you :slight_smile:
Now, get wireless lan on your laptop. So you can be in irc while ya working :wink:

cya henrik

I think i remember someone named BdUM or something, but i dunno, its been so long!!! hehe :wink:

Glad to hear your settling in to work good and all that, shitty about the no blend time. But definatly good to see you popped in and said hi to us faithful blender users, oops, did i say that last faithful bit out loud??? hehe :wink: Just teasin ya man, good luck with everything!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!