Hello Guys

I bought a graphic of a dinosaur with an high texture surface. If ill export the model (in stlor obj), i only get a triangle surface for cura (3d printing). how can i export a high texture model for 3d printing? pls help me.

STL does not support texture coordinates. You can use OBJ file instead.

Then you will have to make sure that the texture is within the same directory as the OBJ file. As for example if you look at the OBJ file you will see a name like this [map_Kd lemur.tga] which is the name of a texture. In a relative path.


Also it depends on the capabilities of the 3D printer, full colored printers should have the ability to understand information like this and take it into consideration automatically. As for example [Shapeways] has a wealth of useful tools to customize the 3D printing settings in many ways and choose the best possible combination.

Have you found anything yet?