Hello. I am a recent user of Blender and this one of my first non-tutorial projects

What you see here is a model of an Armillary Sphere/Astrolabe. Albeit a less…practical, slightly abstract design. I don’t recall any project tutorials being used to make this (believe me I tried to find some), but it is worth noting that the fluer de lis ornaments were made by me following this video on using Curves. Of my initial projects, this is probably the largest scale (and was constructed as part of a slightly larger project. The WIP is because I’m still considering some minor tweaks (I consider the bulk of it to be done. This is mainly concerning adding variant materials to the innermost sphere) and because while I find it a project unto itself, it was designed as apart of another project with the possibility of using it in other blends and/or selling it eventually. That said feedback is still appreciated for several reasons (since this is one of my first blends and relatively complex/dense). Worth noting that I’m more interested in Abstract Motion Graphics than modeling and the idea was rather basic, using a combination of modifiers, sphere primitives and a specific font for the astrological symbols.

This was rendered in Eevee. Questions and feedback are appreciated.

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