Hello! I am new!

Hello I am animelovers411, I am a just getting into 3d with blender and i fingered i would sign up here to get some kind of personalized help and maybe even make some new talented friends! where should I start with this program? I can navigate pretty well but i dont know if i want to animate, game design, model or do it all lol
well any tips would be very much appreciated!

hi mate and welcome.

“where should I start with this program?” youtube is always the best place to look. just search how to use blender and youll find a gazillion tutorials.

thats how alot of us learnt.

“i dont know if i want to animate, game design, model or do it all lol”

what do you want to get out of blender or 3d in general? i think its best to start learning the basics in everything. Modelling and Topology, animation and timing, game design and python etc. that way you can build upon your knowledge as you go.

i think about it this way- my goal with blender is to become a versatile artist. to know how to do everything within blender or 3d. not to become a virtuoso at everything, just have a decent enough knowledge so that when a potential client comes to me, i can know exactly how to fulfill his companies needs.

now you may not want a pay check out of blender, but you do need to decide what you want out of it.

anyway, stop reading this and head to youtube. go on now!

oh our little Animelovers411 is all grown up and shit. wipes tear from eye

The best place to start is here:

Hello and welcome

I cant tell you how to learn Blender,i am a starter as well
But i can give you a tip,dont just watch the tutorials but DO the tutorials
And dont forget to have fun whit the Blendering

Wow thanks for the great advice! I checked into youtube and that link and it truly seems like tons of fun! Thanks for the great responses! I can’t wait to learn some more!

Welcome. Blender Cookie and Blender Guru Are 2 excellent 3Dspot. Si tu es français tu peux consulter “le site du zero” qui est aussi d’excellente facture, (ce sont des tutoriaux à lire) The blender clan, You can also go to the wiki place into Blender.org.

Blenderguru and Blendercookie kinda lacks these completely noobie tutorials, i think…


Welcome to the magic world of 3D made with Blender. If you are very new to this awesome tool, let me help you with a few basic lessons to start. Visit my page at: Blender Fanatic There I tried to remember when I met Blender for the first time.

By far the best tutorial site for newbs

i second that! great tutorials.

Welcome to blender!

May i suggest that you keep a blenderJournal. Write down what you plan to do, how you search for information, what tutorials worked and which steps (there are always some) did you have to figure something extra out. Include what frustrates you, and how awesome the user community is. Those sorts of things.

I’m working on a quality assurance program and I’d like to collect a number of new-to-blender journals to help our developers make blender more fun and awesome to learn.