Hello, i am quite new to modeling and i got some questions

1.Are there any video tutorials that can help me or can some of you show me some of the basics stuff with modeling for a real-time strategy game.

2.Some of you might ask me what kind of stuff would i like to model? well i like to model the basics like for the building types (War factory,barracks, command center)
3.And yes would i like to learn a bit on how you make a infantry type model.

Again sorry for my newbie questions, btw i do know how to draw and i really hope some of you might help me into the modeling part, thanks.

hmm, show us some of your concpet images, and maybe we could give you tips on how to model some of those specific items.

There are a lot of stickies at the top of the “Tutorials” forum with links to video tutorials.

Google is probably much better at answering this than I am (like all questions ;)), but here’s some info.

  1. Probably best to look in the video links that Duoas posted, and also google/youtube/cgtalk/ba.org. Search functions are wonderful things, and can get you some good results. The basics in this aspect are going to be making things as low-poly as possible so you can get more objects on screen. Outside of that its really just modelling as normal.

  2. See above. You need to come up with some concepts images or get good at visualizing in your head (I’m better at the latter).

  3. Same as above. Except look for low-poly human tutorials. Looking at the threads in cgtalk’s game art forum is a very good place for finding wireframes that can teach you a lot, some of the time from people who are very active and respected in the industry.

For Drawing: There’s lots of drawing tutorials on the Internet from basic to specific. Like I said above, I’m not a great drawer (I can, but well…), but I’ve heard its good to keep a sketch pad with you and just practice, practice, practice, like everything. Don’t discouraged if your drawings aren’t what you want them to be. Just keep them going until you get to where you want to be (same goes for blender if you haven’t learned blender yet).

Good luck, and we’ll be here to help comment on/critique your models when you get them rolling.