Hello i need to know about rendering engines

i have heard about different rendering engines in blender like internal render,cycles,yafray,so can you tell me whats the major difference between them
i used cycles engines but it takes too much time to render,so can you recommend any other much faster engine

There is no such render. Luxrender and Yafaray most “smart”, they use modern methods to calculate light, Luxrender seems to have more active team. Blender internal is fast on CPU, but it is more like gradient painter and close to Adobe Illustrator style, you almost instantly get decent noise free 3D perspective gradients with cool textures, but you need to learn use it to mimic real light. Cycles is more modern attempt to utilise GPU, and close to Luxrender/Yafaray in features.

Main problen is materials, you need to redo almost everything when switch renderers. If you have low range CPU, stay with Blender Internal until get good hardware. If you have good Nvidia 460+ video card - definitely Cycles is best choice.

About “faser render”. IT cam be fast (OpenGL/DirectX) but inaccurate. It can be “slow” like Luxrender or Cycles, but render mind blowing light scene full of secondary and more order bounces, hard to believe it is not photo.

Luxrender Yafaray Cycles and Bledner Internal are all free. There are many non free comercial, like Maxwell, Octane, both have export addons with Bledner.

Blender Internal is the fast render engine and Cycles is the slow one. I advise to learn the Blender Internal first so you can get output quickly and enjoy the process. As a 10 post user there is no need to worry about other render engines at this time.