Hello I want to buy laptop for rendering

I want to buy a laptop for rendering. Is these specification good for rendering.
8GB ram, 1 TB HDD, CPU AMD A9-9425, VIDEO RAM AMD radeon 530 2GB
Laptop HP 15-db0403ur


Well 8GB of RAM would maybe causing troubles with rendering. I’m using one with 16GB and for smaller Remders it mostly works pretty fine. But if you would be ready to spend more, id recommend the Acer ConceptD 7. Costs 2k but is an absolute beast.

Hope i could help.

Thank you

I will look for Acer
Thanks again

Big nope to that. 2012 architecture that wasn’t particularly great even back then.

If your budget is around 500 usd then there are some lower end quad core AMD ryzen laptops that exist in that price range these days. You’d be better off with one of those. For an example:


edit: Acer is a good brand, if you can stretch it I’d look for something in the Acer Nitro lineup.

If you intend to render with Cycles a lot, you might wish to look at a well-ventilated desktop unit, maybe even build one. The problem is heat. Cycles drives a GPU in ways that a GPU really wasn’t designed to be driven, and now you’ve got a lot of heat to get rid of. Many laptops – including mine – are not good at this. Heat can very quickly kill semiconductor electronics. In a desktop-style case, you can plop a fan-equipped big heat sink right on top of that chip, and put another nice big fan on the case to suck the hot air out.

EEVEE, on the other hand, does use the GPU for the purposes that its designers intended, and therefore generates much less heat. (Although heat can still be an issue if you’re doing a completely processor-intensive task like rendering for hours on end. Even a smaller accumulation of excess heat over a long period of time can lead to expensive failures. Any component on the motherboard can fall victim to heat, and “it only takes one.”)

how about NVIDIA 840m 4GB?

If you are buying a laptop to render i would also suggest a desktop for many reasons. If you want more focused advice please pm me. If you can get a newer 900 1000 series gpu from nvidia

I agree with the notion that for a render box a desktop system would be much better, but that is assuming you will not need to carry the system around with you.

If you don’t then you’d be best off telling us what your budget is and what region/nation you would be shopping in so we could best advise.

If you absolutely must/want a laptop: Cooling pads for laptops exist. Maybe research whether that’ll help with cooling.

But yeah, note that you can probably get a more powerful desktop for the same price as a laptop.
And gaming laptops will probably weigh quite a bit, maybe use more battery power. Keep that in mind.

Another option: Thunderbolt 3 laptops that don’t have a GPU inside but are compatible with eGPU adaptors.
Though last time I checked, it’s a bit of a hassle to get it working properly.
If you go this route, make sure the TB3 on the laptop is full 32 Gbps speed. But even then, that’s probably gonna be bottlenecked compared to a GPU inside a desktop. Maybe wait to see if the technology gets better and costs less? Thunderbolt 4 is coming out…

I second @Felix_Kutt that it would a) be better to have a desktop, even a cheap small one in a mid tower or smaller and a micro atx mobo and put the bulk of money into a decent GPU like a refurbished 1070
or a new rtx 3060 which would out perform it for around the same price, and 16gb of cheap corsair memory or something like that and just use external drives for literally everything and just keep it dedicated, if this really is meant as a rendering machine. On that note, I know that is probably tipping the edge of your budget but if you shop around, here in the US, you could probably do it for 700 or 800 and it will FARRRR outlast any GPU with 512mb of v-ram. Ryzen is a good move for the CPU but cpu rendering is still slow in grand scale and you will outgrow it fast and you will not see anywhere near $500 back on the device so I never recommend spending money on something that you will likely so greatly outgrow that it will not just be secondary but literally be useless in a short amount of time. Most of my projects top 5-7gb of graphics ram and can reach 10gb on rare occasions. You will not be using less graphics ram as time goes on. b) definitely tell us what region you are in. When I am in the US I order from TD or NewEgg or Amazon and get parts at standard retail price with free 2 day shipping. When I am back in east europe I will pay a 40% premium on computer parts, AND pay tax, AND then wait 45 days for it to get out of customs AND then pay another 30%-40% in customs fees because nobody can be bothered to look at an invoice and just says, huh, looks expensive, and slaps you with a $200 bill. Region seriously matters and will help all of us help you a lot.