Hello, Im Dilopho DD

Hello, my name is Thomas, Thomas Kole, and my nickname is Dilopho DD, which one i’ll use on this forum. Id like to introduce myself. :smiley: I was one of the best Google Sketchup 3D modellers, the non-architectural. But i wanted more than just a model and tried blender. More info here :wink: I just stared with blender, and i pretty like it, but i have a lot to learn ;). So, when i post a model and render, please give tips and comments! I love to model dinosaurs, realistic ones (i try to ;)) and my nex will be a Diplodocus, a easy one. Im running Linux, Fedora to be precice. i have my own render PC :D:cool: Please help me when i make mistakes.
Regards! :smiley: