Hello? Is anyone home?

Hello! I haven’t been active in the Blender community since 2007! Wow… I logged in today (after getting a password reset) and had private messages and questions on some of my threads I never answered. To all those I left hanging: I am sorry! Life took me for a whirl. :slight_smile: Anyway, I am back, and figured I would raise my hand in greeting. How has everyone been? :slight_smile:

I don’t know you >_<

Noting your join date, it seems that you are one of the original members of this site when it was still known as Elysiun.

In any case, you’re going to love what you can do in Blender now compared to 2007, a lot of stuff has changed and professionals are even starting to see Blender as a viable solution. There’s also a number of large-scale features, major functionality improvements, and large rewrites in the pipeline that will be coming in perhaps during the 2015-2016 period. Good times ahead.

(to note, I joined all the way back in 2004 under a different account, I guess we would’ve crossed paths on this site back then).

Hello The_Nerd ! I haven’t been around around for as long as some of the most active members on the BA website !, anyway, I try my best, join in a bit in the GE forums, there is a lot going on…

Welcome back ;), yeah life does that some times, tell me about it…

Welcome back on board! Sheez mon you must be as old as the hills from your join date…tell me was dinosaurs a big problem when you signed up ?