Hello john. got any web space.


Im kinda messin with gameblender again off and on. If anyone has a bit of space where i could possibly put myworks so far. Id be very greatfull.

itll be in .blend and prob updated every so often. Its the old car and track routine.

would like to see how it fairs on different systems etc. there may be some bits to it which other people wanna use or take, change, then make ALOT better, :wink: so…be my guest. :slight_smile:

please, anyone interested pm me and i`ll send you the file.

thanks in advance.

nor J had some good link. I think it was

Cheers xintoc for the reply man.

can`t see myself being a**ed to do that though. :-?

Is there no site which shows peoples works in progress anymore? I`ve had a look but keep coming up dry. Oh-well… will prob bother my a** some day.

thanks again,

the lazy git. :wink:

NOR.J’s link was www.ikx.no.

Nope, can`t see myself doing that either…

well. if anyone fancies the file drop me a line.


thanks for the help gents.