Hello K.I.T.T

modelled, textured and rendered in blender 2.79 and gimp, hdri from hdrihaven
hope you like it!
updated version:




Everything seems accurate, the cup, the computers, the license plate near the computer, even the spare tires :slight_smile: And obliviously K.I.T.T. too. The lighting is the only thing that could use some more volumetrics to give it more ambient. Overhaul nice job! :sunglasses:

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Thanks! you are right about the lighting. i really spent no effort on that, it’s only a single hdri. also just a lack of experience. nice idea with the volumetrics, although my computer is pretty weak. if i find time, i would love to set up a more creative lighting.


i tried to do some volumetrics and depth of field, maybe the background is too blurry now…

It’s finished!
I finally found a lighting that works for my scene.
Sorry for editing this post a lot, next time i’ll post something only when it’s really final.
Thanks for your critiques, I learned a few things for future projects. Now let’s test 2.8