Hello, need helps with lighting effect

Hello, I am not so good at lighting , texturing and all that
I am just wondering whats the best way to make effect like this:
it doesnt has to be perfect as long as people its emitted from the projector.
I suppose you can do that by some tricks done with texturing (maybe halo too)
please throw me with some good ideas if you could, cheers

You can always modify the halostep.blend file that comes with the test242 suite.

The light must shine through a mesh to produce those broken up light lines.


halostep.blend (60.1 KB)

Grab the newest build of the physics branch and use the new volumetric material feature to make your effect.

If you can’t use the latest and greatest being developed for Blender, use a thick blanket of non-shadow casting billboards with high translucensy and a texture fading at the edges and set up your lamp like normal.