Hello, need some help w/ texturing a book

Hello all, been away from blender for over a year (I know! Horrible). Now i really suck at it, could i please get some help texturing this book. It looks terrible and washed out when I render this blend.[ATTACH]452451[/ATTACH]


books.blend (584 KB)

The UV mapping is either completely off, or you did not post the same texture used in the file…
Anyway, your node setup is to blame. You need to connect the image texture to the Diffuse shader, not the Glossy shader. And using a constant mixing factor is almost always a suboptimal thig to do.

This works better:



You might also have to revise your lighting.

Thank you appreciate it. I am totally out of blender shape. Can you give me some quite tips on the lighting? I am pressed for time on this sucker.

Depends on what it should look like but might be fastest and easiest to use a hdri environment.

books_ja12.blend (98.3 KB)

Book texture you have and couldn’t include the environment texture (75 MB). I got it here http://www.maximeroz.com/hdri-free-pack/ and used canada_loft_max_sunny.exr for these couple of quick tests

Thank you @JA12, very appreciated. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier! Work has been a grizzly bear lately. And thank you as well for the .blend