hello need some one to evaluate and possibly demonstrate the correct way to do joints

hello need some help i.e. to evaluate and possibly demonstrate the correct way to do human joints in blender 2.5x… this the body as it is even better is there any chance in improving this person topology for me along with the joints then reposting the blend file… thanks i appreciate the effort u may bring to this model


0universalman.blend (962 KB)

from the first look at it: good looking model.

some issues are (i think)
1.there are to many edgeloops in certain areas like across the cheeks, the back of the arms. you get pinching with these. you should remove some or round/average them out.
2.you tried to solve some areas just by merging two vertices, getting many poles with six or more edges connected to them, also triangles.
3.the mirror line needs some special attention

what i mean is something like:
should better be solved like that (no 6 ended poles etc, still a mess though)

keep it up

ok cool i’ve sorted that out…im using rigify on the human…in the man candy rig i believe that they are using a lattice as well as the armature…would the lattice still be needed.