Hello planet earth! I come in peace!

Hello, I’m new to blending, 3d modelling, and anything remotely related to game design which doesn’t entail writing about stuff. So I thought I’d say “Hi,” to the entire community. You can take what’s below at face value, or look deeper into it.
To me it’s something that turned into a half rant, half introducing myself post.

So there I did it I said “Hi.” Now I didn’t really prepare for this post, as I usually do.
But I did go here for a reason, I want to build 3d entertainment, but I’ll make a dedicated topic for that, in the correct forum.

So continuing with the “hello” bit.

Anyway I’m a 22 year old self proclaimed writer, which is easy to do because I am writing right now, hence I am a writer. A slight warning, I may or may not suffer from autism, but that’s to determined by my psychologist. So if you find that I act oddly or anything keep that in mind. Apart from that I’ve been writing for the past 9 years. It is basically my only skill. I have no viable job prospects, due to the obvious reasons.

So I wanted to try my luck at writing. Needless to say I failed miserably. The issue is not that my writing may be bad, the problem is I don’t know. I’ve sent my stuff to an ungodly amount of publishers, rewritten it 7 times over the past two years (working on 8 now.) And I’ve yet to hear anything. I know it is normal, and that it comes with the business, to wait until your manuscript is pulled out of the slushpiles, but I am done.

So without further ado I’d like to announce I am writing a script for a videogame/motion picture/silent film. The silent film bit was a joke, but as I don’t do jokes well I thought I’d write it here, to be sure.

Anyway I didn’t come here and tell you about these issues to get any special treatment because of my mental deficiency.
I just thought I’d let you get to know me, before I start the topic that would entail me asking very kindly for some people, to do what they please in the project.

I have a vision where anyone, with a computer can enjoy the things that we can create using this application. I really like the way this community picked the program up from it’s downfall, and turned it into something grand. Which is why I think this is the best community for the project. I want to create a piece of work that would cost enough for the team to cover the costs of making it. And still allow it to be cheap enough so anyone can enjoy it. I don’t want people to expect that they will make a crapload of money on this, they won’t. I don’t want a company like Activision to pick it up and turn the creators in to the next Infinity Ward. In fact, I intend to make this product free.
And allow interested parties to sponsor. Even if I can’t find one I still intend to create the entertainment we need.

I want the kid who’s mother is living off of government checks to be able to play the game, or watch the film, and have tremendous amounts of fun with it. Just something to alleviate the drag of living in harsh times. I also want the person who has never been able to connect with anyone to connect with people.
I want something for those people I didn’t have 12 years ago.

Entertainment is something everyone needs, everywhere. It is the best way to alleviate the stresses that come with everyday life. It keeps us sane, it turns us into people, instead of mindless office slaves. It allows us to have fun, the most important part of living. Because what else is there, when life isn’t fun?

Kind regards,

René aka Diviance

Welcome to BlenderArtists, Diviance!

some nice stuff - making good entertainment, and something everyone can enjoy… good luck with your projects, and May the Blender Force be with you :smiley:

p.s. cool thread title - made me laugh :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Blender community, don’t worry about being new, there’s plenty of people here who like to share their knowledge, I’m sure you’ll be up and running, making 3D models and animating in no time :slight_smile:

Welcome on Board!

Thanks for the warm welcome, I just finished posting my grand idea on the team projects forum.
And am starting a blawg, I generally avoid blogs like the plague, but figured it would be interesting to write about my progress.

Welcome :smiley: and Good Luck! :smiley: