Hello World. Starting again from the beginning

Hey there. I’ve done a little it of 3D modelng in the past, but I am thinking of starting up again. But one thing that is putting me off is the thought of spending long hours at the computer and (no offence intended to Blender) staring at that grey screen all by myself.
I’d love to make some friends in the blender scene for encouragement and a creative sounding board.
I haven’t been able to make a lot of friends since I moved to the US (from the UK) so it’s been quite depressing and I guess I just want to feel a part of something :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work, everyone, and I hope to have something to share with you all soon.

where in US r u?
books and videos have someone chatting at you. I tried to be entertaining in my Lynda.com tutorials.

Blender’s colours are super customisable, so your screen doesn’t have to be grey - it can be any colour you want. You’re probably feeling better already, right :wink: ?

Cheer up, it’s done nothing but rain here in the UK for the last month or so, just like it rained all last summer, i don’t have to open blender to see a gray scene, just look out the window.
The UK forecast for August…more rain. Thankfully theres always a drop of sunshine at blender artists to brighten your day. Have fun.

Thanks for the responses.

@Papasmurf: I am pretty close to Charlotte, NC. I will go check those tutorials out in a little while. A big thanks for spending so much time to help us newbies.

@Zwebbie: I had no idea you could change up the UI so much.Having said that, I have no clue what colour to make it.

@Handlebar: Aww, sorry to hear about the weather mate. Here it’s ludicrously hot until autumn, then we get a couple of days of perfect weather, then it freezes over. :no: I miss Blighty sometimes.

Welcome to the forums!

There is a lot going on in the Blender world right now, a great time to jump in! It’s obviously more fun to meet like minded people in person (I only met a bunch of Blender users in person a couple of months ago) but the forums can be quite good. If nothing else it is inspiring to check out all the other artworks and styles as they unfold. Post encouragement on other peoples threads and helpful hints where you can and hopefully you will find yourself quite at home.


Aging a little, but that tutorial I think is a very efficient way to get familiar with Blender’s overall function. If anyone knows of a more up to date one in a similar style, please post.

Hope you enjoy Blender!

Thanks for the warm welcome.

@Papasmurf: I am very close to Charlotte, NC. I briefly had a look at the Lynda site, do you have to sign-up or pay? Thanks though, for spending so much time helping newbies like me.

@Zwebbie: Ah, I never knew that about the UI. Thanks! Much better, thanks :eyebrowlift2:

@Handlebar: Great mustache! Sorry to hear about the weather, though if it’s any comfort, while the skies are often blue here, it’s like living in a hot box! The humidity is terrible sometimes… and the bugs…

@BenDansie. Thanks. That’s really encouraging to hear. I think I have been through that tutorial a while back, but I will certainly go through it again. I seem to be much better at organic modeling then mechanical, so I found some blueprints of the classic G.I.'s jeep. Look for that in the WIP forum when I get everything settled, computer wise.

Feel free to add me on AIM, or MSN. I hope to get the pleasure of talking with some of you soon.