(ScottishPig) #1

Yes… I’m back. Sorry for my VERY brief leaving statements- but I didn’t know how long I’d be gone. At any rate-- I’m back, and even better, POVRAY HAS A NEW RELEASE…!!!

Note to those: I was ill… just leave it at that.

(joecool) #2

hmm. I think imgrandpaboy was right, it WAS a conspiracy… :x :stuck_out_tongue:

(malefico) #3

Great you’re OK again. Be careful. Some things are irreversible.
Great to see you around.


(rndrdbrian) #4

Yay! Welcome back ScottishPig! :smiley:

Hope you are feeling slightly better.


Aye, its good about the new PovRay Release!

:smiley: :smiley:

(harkyman) #5

Glad you’re okay.

I was thinking that maybe you were brutally assaulted by a sailing ship, then realized that you had been blending that which eventually hurt you so badly, then decided to simply end the horrible horrible pain yourself.

Glad you’re back.

(haunt_house) #6

about you

don´t you ever do this again!

good bye…

(Goo) #7

It’s good to hear that you’ll be stick’n around with us for a bit longer.


(Goofster) #8

DAMNIT! you got us all worried there man! please, next time you get struck by Mad-pig desease please give us some reassurement that you’re ok.

good to see you back my shipmaking friend