Hello everybody, I’m the new guy on block.

Welcome on Board!

Welcome to BA!
Good to see another FF fan :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcomes.

Welcome, enjoy your stay and beware of the dragons.

Thanks for the warning, I’ll keep a lookout.

Welcome, you might want to be careful with the pink bunnies as well, you never know if it’s actually there or not!

Hah yearh welcome to BA. You’l properly learn a LOT of new stuff by being a member :slight_smile: And do take the pink bunnies seriusly, I (and im not alone) have allready learned my lesson about them!! (:confused: :stuck_out_tongue: )

haaai! always good to have new guyz around! welcome to BA… (beware not just pink bunnies, but also hephalumps, squirrels, creepy red triangle things…and of course…ME!)

Tha Dragon you speak of already spotted this topic, if I was in back in my Dragon form I could eat him if I felt like it, but I can’t bite physically over the internet even if so;)

Welcome, at least you’re not a bot.

Also beware of pink worms, and russian soviet bots.

The forum is sounding like quite the wildlife reserve…, maybe the twilight zone perhaps? , Don’t know which yet.
Although, I do know that I do NOT taste good, no, nope, not at all. lol

Thanks again all,

Welcome Renzokuken!
Now start posting cool renders or any thing that have to do with blender!
I Can feel your HDD !! :evilgrin:
Hhoh! the Dragon :spin:.