hello im also new here :eek: (not totally) just wanted to introduce myself since many people are introducing themselves here :eek: hi to all of you and to the moderators of the site hope to learn a lot more bout blender here :o

Welcome on Board!

Look forward to your contributions in this wonderful community!

Hope you have a great new year too!

hello here is a new member
my name is adairace
i am from engalnd
i am 26 years old and looking for job in IT Sector


BTW, why don’t we still have an official “Hi I’m new and want to say hello” thread?

hello, i’m newer than the OP-er.
and i have almost 1000 posts.

mods, this would make a great sticky…
(hint, hint)

Welcome to Blender Artists, I joined in November, so I guess I am kinda new as well, but this website has helped me so much with Blender, I thank you all, without all of you I would have given up long ago. Special thanks to our moderators, who work night and day to keep this a clean and respectible site.

Hello Adairace. :smiley:
You whence come?:evilgrin:

online classifieds
garmin track editing