Hello everyone I’m Justin. I didn’t see an introductions thread around here so I am going to double my help request as an intro. I am new to Blender. I have used a couple of other 3d applications before, but they were more complicated then blender. I like the simplicity of tasks using blender 3d. I have been watching a few tutorials lately and one isn’t cooperating with me. http://www.blenderguru.com/introduction-to-texture-nodes/ I did this tutorial at school first and I was just going to refresh my memory again, but when I tried it It wouldn’t let me add a pattern of bricks. Can anyone tell me the problem here? The only difference between here and school is that they had XP(32bit) and I have Windows 7 (64bit).

… I really need help with this one… also can anyone direct me to a good custom texturing tutorial?

I recommend reading the manual.


I am on win 7 64 and I can add the node. Sure you are not missing something? Did you remember to click nodes in the texture panel?

With the plane selected, add a new material and new texture. Those familar with blender will recognize that a new button labelled Nodes has been added. Click it. You will notice that doing so, disables the standard dropdown texture choices.

Text above the third pic in the tut. To add a Material select the Plane and hit F5. In the Links and Pipeline tab click “ADD NEW”. If you don’t see that then there is already a material called MA:Material.

Hit F6, and in the “Texture” tab hit Add New, goto the field that says “None” and select “Image”. In the Image tab select “Load Image” and navigate to where you saved the brick image.

Click “Nodes”.


I’ll try these in the morning. I am curious why it didn’t even have pattern under Add…

OK, this does seem a little buggy or I am missing something as well. I got it set up this afternoon but now it won’t display the patterns. I looked over the tutorial again as well and I don’t see what I am missing. I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually but right now I am stuck as well.

It doesn’t have it… and I cannot name the output… it’s weird… I followed the steps above and there was no brick… so I went to google and got a brick pattern to try… but I can’t do half of the things in the Tutorial… like add texture material clouds