Hi, my names amanda and im BRAND NEW to blender and 3d modeling in general. i recenetly went to EA in vancouver for a community event and it inspired me to go into graphic design and multimedia art or concept artist seeing how i have been wanting to change my career for a while now.

well now that i have blender ive been watching the tutorials and i made this golfball looking thing and want to upload it to the internet. my problem is is that i don’t know how to upload them to post in a thread on a message board because i dont think photobucket recognizes .blend. i kno this probably seems incredibly stupid but just remember i only downloaded the program four days ago haha and thank you very much in advance!

You can put the .blend file here, but will just allow other people to use blender to view your model. What I think you want is to render your model and save the rendering as an image format (.bmp, .png, ect). This tutorial shows you how to do that.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: