hello everyone,i’m new to this forum and blender,and i’m still very “green” in 3d modelling as well…i did asked a lot of people what software/program good for new rookie like me,some of them told me to go with 3ds max/maya,as you can see the price for both kinda pricey,so i browse internet a lot until i found blender and this forum,so here i am…looking forward to know most of you in this forum,and if you guys/girls doesnt mind i would to see your artwork and i hope i can learn some tips and tricks from seniors in this forum about blender…thanks in advance~ hope to hear from all of you soon~cheers

Hello Skyfall9,

I am fairly new to blender as well, I have been using it about a month or two. I have attached some of my favorite work. I still haven’t exactly figured out how to texture my blends, however I have been able to use materials to color some of my blends. My favorite blend is the arcade machine. the airplane is actually a modified Boing c-17 Globemaster A.K.A. “The Bus” from the television show "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Welcome to blender and to this forum, I hope you have fun learning how to use this software.

i wish you good luck mate :slight_smile: you will have a hard time with a LOT of frustration, and failure before you even learn how to properly use the software :slight_smile: but then again, that is something we all had to suffer…

here is my work, been blending for 2 years. most of this is made within the last 6 months.

one tips witch helped me a LOT, is this:
he will always show the resoult at the start of every video, save that as an image, and try to recreate it, no matter how terrible it looks! keep working untill you have no idea what to do next. THEN watch the tutorial.
this will not only learn you how to do it, but also highlight what you did wrong! witch is the most importent thing when ur learning CG. learn form your misstakes.
this guy also makes really simple tutorials, so simple that i now find them dead boring… but it was usefull when i first started.

then when ur starting to understand blender, check out Andrew Price. he also makes tutorials, but instead of explaining everything, he just shows you how he does it… basically he recreates his own work while recording, and commentating it.

good luck! be prepared for frustration, and dont quit! i almost quit after a few months, but i kept comming back, and ended up staying.

also, know how to ask for help. download gyazo, or any simular programs. what you can do, is capture a selected area of the screen, and then drag that image to a new tab in your browser, and simply copy the link to paste it on the forums. GREAT way to share screenshots, rather than screnshot > paint > crop > save > upload > find the image > etc…

Welcome! skyfall9