Hello fellow Blender’s! I’m Blu, a student level artist who’s in way over their head in ambitious projects that almost always fail, however I finally managed to complete one project after taking a few steps back and planning things out. I learned quite a bit from this project, mainly how to organize a project from start to finish and carry it out, as well as how to properly deal with art blocks. I present to you, my creation, Hellspawn.

I know its not as pretty as other artworks here on the forum, but I’m pretty satisfied with it, although there are areas I could improve on it, such as giving the creature in the middle a more noticeable shadow so it looks more like it belongs there, probably some better rim lighting and a posture/pose that has more “weight” to it to help make the creature look more alive. However in order to learn, one has to known when its time to call a project “finished” in order to go back, look it over and learn from the imperfections.

I'm just happy I didn't quit here.

I can see some doom influence in it, it’s a really nice piece.

On the picture you posted “I’m just happy I didn’t quit here.”, the middle top one gives a nice sense of scale.

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Very cool! Good job sticking it out and not quitting early!! :smiley:

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